The Power of Pallets

Besides their simple and functional case packer usage, pallets have the ability to make a big impact on the way your business ships product and does business. Pallet choice is an extremely important part of the process. Palletisers especially can make all the difference and be an incredibly powerful tool.

How to choose the right case packer pallet

Although we always think of the traditional wooden pallets, there are other types of case packers as well. It’s been to look at all of the available options before making this important choice for your business. Wood does continue to be the most popular and well known material for pallet case packers, as most people are most familiar with them and the way they work. They are very durable and hold up under heavy loads, as well as being inexpensive and much more easily accessible. One of the downsides, however, is that they do require fumigation due to being prone to termite infestation, as well as also being a fire risk. They will need to be sprayed with flame retardant. Plastic case packers are also an option. The majority of plastic case packer companies follow “green” guidelines to limit their environmental impact, although obvious wood is much better for the environment overall.  Aluminum is also an option, although far less popular. The most common reason businesses choose to not use them is because there is a higher risk of theft due to their scrap metal resale potential. They offer many of the same benefits as plastic, however, being sturdy, reusable and less prone to damage with long-term use.

Why wood could be your best bet

Wood palletisers are often the best option for business, especially those who are concerned with both safety and cost. It also is much more environmentally friendly, often sourced from lumber that is harvested from companies who use sustainability practices (check with your case packer provider to verify). Especially when first starting out, look at wood case packers first before branching out – they provide value as well as safety. It’s good to get a handle on what your business needs from a case packer, and the best way to do that is without a huge investment at first. See more this site:

Look at custom solutions

If you do choose to go forward with a plastic case packer, be aware that many companies will offer custom solutions for your specific needs. With a custom palletiser, shipments have much less chance of being damaged during their travels. Essentially, with the help of a plastic pallet customizer, they will mold the palletiser to your specific needs. It’s not as expensive as you may think, too, and once you’ve made the initial financial investment you can reuse them over and over as long as you’re manufacturing, storing and shipping the same product.

Choosing a pallet for your business can often be a tough decision. Whether wood, plastic or aluminium, a case packer has the potential to be an important and life changing decision for your business, so choose wisely and research all your options! See more this site: