The 5 Benefits of an Integrated Shrink Bundler and Robotic Case Packer Combo for Personal Care Products

Producers of packaged products produce and operate in a dynamic and competitive market. Therefore, it is important to find the most efficient production processes to maintain a competitive advantage. In the personal care sector, this means replacing the two machines traditionally used to reduce packaging and packaging on a single machine robotic case packing.

There are five significant advantages in using the Bundler combo package and the integrated Robotic Case Packer:

1. The minimum area

It is no secret that the factory square is a premium in every factory. Reducing the confusion of packaging equipment allows you to do more with less square feet, just like the ice maker in your freezer compared to an independent ice maker that clutters your kitchen. An integrated legend collector and robotic case packing can be designed to improve and optimize the position of your implant.


Manufacturers of personal care products often have a wide range of products that need to be sold quickly. The presence of two integrated devices maintains the production speed, as it ensures that every process, in this case the shrink packaging and the packaging of the box, is correctly sized compared to the other and to the application as a whole. Furthermore, it is effective to have a manufacturer who builds both machines, because bottlenecks are reduced and production speed remains constant.


Although the combination of two systems on one machine may seem inhibitory, in fact, the versatility of the system remains on par with conventional single machines. The ability to bypass the packer or the packer of the built-in machine, even when not in use, also creates opportunities for customizing the packaging for unique products or for meeting specific customer needs. Even when half of the built-in retractable package and the Combo Case Pack are not used, the CPG manufacturer has options for controlling the machine together or independently, which significantly increases the package’s versatility. See more.


Promoted grouping products are an effective way to turn multiple units into one easily acceptable package. When a bundled product can support itself and meet distribution requirements, the packaging can be immediately packed onto pallets. When the bundled product can not support itself or can be laid, a magazine or corrugated board is required for the correct pallets.


Timely inventory systems and hyper-efficient sales conditions require a well-oiled distribution center. An integrated thickener and a robotic case packing can improve the efficiency of the distribution center.

A common practice for retail distribution centers is to obtain a complete product for pallets or trucks, which is then divided into pallets or custom containers to meet the demand of each brick and mortar retail store. The combination of products in a pallet box allows the distribution center to send different batches of products to a single store without bulk products or, on the contrary, to provide a complete product when only a few items are required.

If you use the robotic case packing, the package is strong enough to allow the distribution center employee to remove it from the case and send it to the seller, where the LDPE can be removed easily before shipping. Learn more details at: